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Hetalia? Check
Pokemon? Check
Sonic the Hedgehog? Mario? Check, Check

Comics, Drawing, +Anime, Starwars! Star trek! Alice in wonderland! Disney!! Check,check,check!

These are a few of my favorite thingssss :U~


If you see this, No matter who you are, or what’s gone on in your life, remember that you are /not/ worthless, no matter how low you feel, or how horrible things may get, please, just always remember there will always be one place you can turn to no matter what.

So today in my house it was randomly Movie night, after being out shopping we came home and watched “God Is Not Dead” which was actually a really good movie, and I’d recommend it :U
There were parts where I laughed and parts where I was actually crying pretty darn hard o,7o
And never before Had I wished I could send text and had a large amount of people I could then sends text to because then I totes would have texted “God is not dead”  to everyone <A<  >A>

The other movie was Rio 2 :U
Which was…okay :U Not bad, not as good as the first one, imo, but still, not a bad movie o wo
I loved Gabby the frog, ide :U

But yeah :U

echovoice713 asked
>:/ do it again and do it right please

* Whinneeessssssssssssssssssss* >A>

I’m in a headcanon mood >__>…*Scoots over to headcanon blog*

echovoice713 asked
Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to ten of your favorite followers (non-negotiable)

Oh, uh, um Okay, I got this.
Five things I like about myself;

1: A thing
2: A thing
3: A Thing
4: A Thing
5: A Thing

I also refuse to send this to ten follows because all my Follows are my favorite followers >:U
Also, I’m a rebel and you can’t tell me things are non-negotiable. FIGHT THE POWER.

Oh, right <A<
Most of And by “most” I mean “All” Of the Characters in my Tomodachi life game are all from me and my Friend’s Hetalia rps >A>

So far, my current married couples in Tomodachi life arrreeeee

Oliver and Kim-Ly HeheheAHAHahahahaha*cough*

Ivan and Tasha  >A>

Sakul and Mai  <A<

And then finally

Khan and Kievan.   Who started out as lil kids, fell in love, then asked to be made into adults <A<

So I may or may not have gotten Tomodachi life while on Vacation
…So get ready for some screencap spam >A>